Health Systems Chat in Social VR returns to the premier health IT conference, HIMSS20, for the 3rd year in a row! We're doubling our schedule, to four hours a day! We have a very special theme this year: Climate & Sustainability! Join us in the Climate Cafe & the Sustainability Studio: Tuesday is Global Perspectives on climate science and sustainability. Wednesday (this event landing page) is Health & Technology, since climate and sustainability affect everyone's health, can technology help? Then, on Thursday, we'll discuss roles for virtual reality and augmented reality! Join us for 4 hours-a-day for three days during HIMSS20 in Orlando. Through the magic of VR, we'll admire the snowy Andes while floating above Santiago, Chile, site of the recent 25th UN Climate Change Conference! Willing to give a lightning talk? Contact us via Twitter (@wareflo) or email (

If you, attendee or non-attendee, exhibitor or non-exhibitor, are concerned about our climate and have sustainability efforts you would like to highlight during our Climate & Sustainability online social VR series of events, please contact us through Twitter (@wareFLO) or email (

Health Systems Chat in Social VR started at HIMSS18. 6 people participated. We've met every other week since then and attendance gradually grew. 101 people participated during HIMSS19. At HIMSS20 we're expanding our hours, from 2 hours a day to 4 hours a day! Most fun in a VR headset, such as the $200 Oculus Go, the non-VR Windows and Android clients work great too! Whether you are in Orlando or not, please come network with other health IT professionals in cool shared virtual reality worlds.

By the way, if you know me outside of social VR, perhaps following me on Twitter (at @wareFLO) you know I've been an evangelist for great healthcare workflow and workflow technology for literally decades. In fact, I have a degree in workflow, originally called industrial engineering, now often called systems engineering.

I will argue that healthcare's next big workflow challenge is sustainability. Workflow is any series of tasks, consuming resources, achieving goals. "Consuming resources" is core to every model of sustainability. Recently healthcare (finally) became the largest industry in the world's largest economy. Healthcare employs more people that manufacturing, retail, real estate, or transportation. Study after study has shown as much as a third of healthcare's four trillion dollar economy is waste. Our current healthcare system is unsustainable. Burnout is unsustainable. (Workflow can help!) Our debris is vast. (Workflow can help!) Healthcare contributes considerably to climate change. Our carbon footprint is massive. (And, yes, workflow can help here too!)

As a result, if healthcare (and, by extension, health IT) can fix itself, it can be an incredibly important part of the solution to our sustainability and climate crises.

Look for an extensive reading list here soon!

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