There is No Blind Spot Left - Is Living in VR Performance?

In this talk, Patrick will discuss how VR is a form of stage, and some of the examples of performance art that virtual artists have done in the past thirty years, and how room scale VR challenges how we perform in public. When we are essentially embodied walking cartoons, what do we care about in the virtual?

Patrick Lichty is an Assistant Professor of Multimedia Zayed University, Abu Dhabi. He obtained his MFA from Bowling Green State University, in Bowling Green, Ohio, USA. Patrick is media artist, curator, and theorist exploring how media shape our perception of reality. He is a CalArts/Herb Alpert Fellow, Fulbright finalist, Whitney and Venice Biennial exhibitor, and co-founder of the virtual performance groups Second Front and Virtual Fluxus. He is included in key books on Virtual and Augmented Reality, including the Oxford Handbook of Virtuality.

About Scenes and Screens 2019:

SAS2019 is an all-in-VR arts, education, and technology event that provides contemporary artists and critical thinkers a platform to showcase their work, inspire international collaboration and meaningful discourse with a global audience.

Speculative Realities encourages artists and scholars to consider virtual realms at a philosophical level. The subtopics that have emerged from these ideas allow for a wider interpretation and discourse that challenge our current notions of reality while also promoting the innovative use of social VR within art and media.

As an example, virtual spaces create very real experiences despite their ephemeral qualities. Those spaces are alive and eerily unchanging despite their age, the only changes occurring when they are manipulated, deleted, or lost.

Alternatively, our relationship with virtual spaces and with each other are constantly evolving as new features and technologies are added to our proverbial tool set. Those that have found residence in these spaces, whether content creators or not, have found a way to make this experience work for them spiritually.

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