We welcome one and all to join T2R/Laura Gillmore, where she will be presenting her film, #selfesteem is a passion of mine. The work is informed by themes of planning, prepping, and productivity seen in the content of Instagram hashtags such as #struggleisgood, #motivation, and #pickyourselfup. How might the rise of the lifestyle influencer be attributed to values of American work ethic? How is American enterprise and the “gig economy” shaping the content and landscape of social media?

For the second part of her presentation, there will be a Q&A session where Laura will be asking you about your experience with VR. Laura believes that the "real self" and the "online self" identities are not mutually exclusive, but are rather congealed together and influence one another. She wants to have a discussion around the following topics:

  1. Why do you like about AltspaceVR?

  2. What are some typical hobbies and events that you attend on AltspaceVR?

  3. How are you different on AltspaceVR versus reality? And vice versa?

  4. What are things that bother you about virtual reality? And vice versa?

  5. What are things you get to do on AltspaceVR that you wish you could do in real life? How come you don't or can't do it in real life?

  6. Have you met friends on AltspaceVR? And have you met in real life?

Join in on the discussion!

About T2R/Laura Gillmore:

T2R/Laura Gillmore is a San Francisco based artist and product designer. She makes sculptures, videos, photocollages, and text pieces. T2R, which stands for “Time to Reflect”, is her lifestyle brand and persona. Fascinated with the construction of identity, she uses different blogger-like characters, to reflect the anxiety and self-obsession experienced within online consumerspace. Alongside her art practice, she works in the home decor industry which has inspired much of her research in digital marketing and lifestyle branding. How might the blogger’s “online life” influence the identities of their massive following? Reciprocally, how might their own identity be shaped by product endorsements, “unboxing”, and journaling for the public forum? American enterprise and the “gig economy” are landscaping the content of social media.T2R interested in the absurdity of this content and how the individual’s attention has been commodified into an economy of “bottomless” scrolling.

About Scenes and Screens 2019:

SAS2019 is an all-in-VR arts, education, and technology event that provides contemporary artists and critical thinkers a platform to showcase their work, inspire international collaboration and meaningful discourse with a global audience.

Speculative Realities encourages artists and scholars to consider virtual realms at a philosophical level. The subtopics that have emerged from these ideas allow for a wider interpretation and discourse that challenge our current notions of reality while also promoting the innovative use of social VR within art and media.

As an example, virtual spaces create very real experiences despite their ephemeral qualities. Those spaces are alive and eerily unchanging despite their age, the only changes occurring when they are manipulated, deleted, or lost.

Alternatively, our relationship with virtual spaces and with each other are constantly evolving as new features and technologies are added to our proverbial tool set. Those that have found residence in these spaces, whether content creators or not, have found a way to make this experience work for them spiritually.

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