After the Rainbow Bridge -Pet loss



This world is open . You can join a meeting or come in one on one . This is a place for you to share your feelings with others that understand your grief. As pet owners, we deal with a myriad of conflicting feelings with a sick pet. We will discuss the journey from diagnosis to end of life decisions.

There comes a time when we are forced to make difficult choices. Other times we lose a furbaby unexpectedly. Both are as traumatic; the loss brings unimaginable pain that stays with us long after we say goodbye. Unlike losing a person, there is very little long term support for those of us that mourn long after what is deemed “normal”. We will talk about managing illness, euthanasia and the guilt that comes with letting go . There are some simple exercises to help come to terms with the emotions we feel daily. In a short time, there will be a pet memorial world where we can set up a private spot with a picture of your furbaby. You can share your own or read stories from others.. I hope to offer a place that brings peace and comfort. The event will become private a few min after it starts. This is to ensure that you feel comfortable sharing your story without interruptions .