Addiction Support



This group is for people who are presently using and trying to quit Opioids ( including other narcotics) My mission is to offer support for the addict and the people most affected by a loved ones addiction..I have been on both sides of this epidemic. I am not a therapist but I have led drug interventions and participated I do understand what its like to successfully overcome the dependency both physically and mentally. If your addiction was prompted by a doctor overprescribing pain medication or you are a casual drug user; and you cant get out from under the dependency; the struggle is the same. . Whatever your backstory is ,theres no judgment here.If you need help this could be the first step you take . This support group will go private 10 minutes after it starts. This is to ensure that you have the privacy and can speak freely without interruptions.

NOTICE: It is absolutely forbidden to record, film or take pictures at this meet up.