Welcome to AltspaceVR's Scenes and Screens Festival 2018!

3D Drawing by Cynthia X. Hua

Cynthia X. Hua is a researcher + artist + journalist interested in the Internet as a work of the collective consciousness. She specializes in artificial intelligence, algorithms and other ways data and images interact online. Her works utilize inputs from large crowds that are clustered, collaged and computed together using technology. These projects examine the ways we construct digital communities, often as ghostly shadows that echo the physical and geographic circumstances of our actual communities. Hua has shown or is forthcoming at the LA Center for Digital Arts, the San Francisco Arts Institute, The Midway and other institutions. She is currently an incubator member at The Gray Area Foundation for the Arts, studying tools for photo reconstruction and other intersections of journalism and digital documentation. She has previously been awarded fellowships/residencies from the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts as well as Signal Culture , The Laboratory and the Nieman Foundation at Harvard. She has spoken about technology and culture at outlets such as Theorizing the Web and Creative Tech Week.

Unraveled (Official 360° Music Video) by Yao Wang and ICTUS Audio

Internet changed the business and distribution of music, but the content itself has stayed predominantly the same. The hype and rise of VR changes everything, yet much of the discussion still resolves around the technology behind the medium rather than the content itself. At ICTUS, they create unique content specifically to this new medium and teleport their audience into a fantasy world. Spatial audio is a new, innovative, and creative field that hasn’t reached its full potential because most alternate reality developers have narrowed their focus on the visual elements and ignored their sonic counterpart. Clumsy attempts to marry traditional formats to this new technology have only diminished the listener’s experience. This is why ICTUS exists, to create the missing sonic experience that can fully realize the immersive experience.

The theme this year: Hyperconnect

Though this term is commonly used to describe what we consider to be intermachine communication, it can also be used to describe a state of interpersonal and human-to-machine interaction as well. Alternatively, hyperconnectivity is used as a medical term to describe a rapid firing of neurons making excessive connections within the brain. We have asked participants to consider the impact of all existing connections in our society, both organic and digital.

About the Festival:

The Scenes and Screens Festival is an event that was created to solve the gap in physical divides by providing contemporary artists a platform to bring their work to a global audience. Our goal is to provide recognition to a variety of educators and artists through a virtual platform in which these artists may express and present their ideas. In addition, it is an opportunity for these individuals to create meaningful experiences. It is our hope that this festival will inspire those interested in the bridge between art the technology to rethink the way that social VR platforms can be used in contemporary society.

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