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ॐ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ॐ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ॐ Hey you! Welcome to The Inner Circle! Ready to join the raveolution? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Today we got a...

Hardstyle Rave - DJ M@ *LIVE* - Cave Valhalla & Club Ubi - The Inner Circle
Starts in 12 days
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Our Live Loved community meets many times a week... - Devotional - Monday thru Thursday at 8:00 AM EST. - Devotional - Friday at 3:30 AM EST. - Worship - Sunday at 3:30 AM...

Dinner With Friends
Starts in 12 days
Tile unit 1.2

This event will be a lesson that will teach you about the second unit where I will teach you about the RAM and ROM, Virtual Memory and Flash Memory. Hope you enjoy!

Computer Science - Unit 1.2
Starts in 13 days
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Bible Based Devotional - We meet @ 7:30 AM EST each Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs. (we begin each morning with 30 min of music videos) - Then @ 3:30 AM EST on Friday AND Sunday...

Christian Movie Night
Starts in 13 days
Tile tile presentationstage2 1

In this workshop you’ll be introduced to some surprising, easy, and effective ways of "making", which I’ve taught at Emily Carr University! The process of making is not hard to...

Unique Ways of Making
Starts in 13 days
Tile event sde new

Come and get all the news from the past week! --- Politics, Sports, International News, you name it, we give you the updates from this past week! --- The Presenter Tornto runs a...

Tornto News
Starts in 13 days
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Fridays 8p (EST) 5p (PST) Sat. 9a (AWST) 1a (GMT) AltStage Events Presents: Open Mic 18+ hosted by Altperson 18+ Mature Language (Parental Guidance Suggested) Zero Tolerance for...

AltStage Open Mic 18+
Starts in 13 days
Tile flight time thumbnail 03

Ravenhall Events presents 'It's Flight Time!' with Michael Forest! We began this event in October of 2019 as a way of giving back to AltspaceVR. 'It's Flight Time!' is...

It's Flight Time
Starts in 13 days
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Join Ryan in the present moment with 30 minutes of simple yet effective meditation techniques to slow down and reset the mind and body. This session is intended for newbs and...

Presence Meditation with Ryan
Starts in 13 days
Tile upload tile

Alt Stage Events Proudly Presents... Upload Comedy with Hayden Douglas. Upload Comedy Club brings the best comedians from the real world & smacks them right into your Altfaces....

Upload Comedy Club 18+
Starts in 13 days
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MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY! At Loco's Talking Hour, guests are interviewed, with encouragement from our audience to provide some juicy questions! Behind every avatar is a real...

(16+) Loco's Talking Hour
Starts in 13 days
Tile isftrnew

Welcome to the Failed To Render International show! In this show we go across the globe to bring you the best talent VR has to offer, that's a promise! This is a mature rated...

+18 Failed To Render Comedy Club
Starts in 13 days
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In this special meditation series hosted by ggGeoffrey and Guests, we will explore avenues for dealing with issues of intractable pain. Chronic pain can sap the energy and joy...

Meditation for Chronic Pain
Starts in 13 days
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Catch up on past and future events and updates going on in AltspaceVR. This user-created event scans the metaverse for news on AltspaceVR activities, world building news,...

News & Updates by Mark
Starts in 14 days
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/\ Ravenhall Events presents 'It's Shark Time!' - a game show like no other! /\ Journey with Michael Forest and his adorable co-host Sharky to the bottom of the Virtual Sea....

It's Shark Time!
Starts in 14 days
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When stressful events come our way, evolution has hardwired us to go into the fight-flight-freeze response. This automatic process served us well in surviving across millennia...

Mindful Meditation with Kristin
Starts in 14 days
Tile really this time copy

MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY Come by for laughs, weird stories, madness and most importantly, fun! A great way to make new friends and get to know the ones you already have. No comedic...

(16+) Improv Night w/ Stevieboy & Shoseki
Starts in 14 days
Tile critical thought temp

Let's get together and talk about God, Bigfoot, Ghosts, Past lives, Aliens, and everything else! Our aim is to have a respectful conversation about your epistemology, or "why"...

Critical Thought!
Starts in 14 days
Tile copy of cornerstone vr church  1

WELCOME: This is a time for Cornerstone VR Church and anyone interested to hang out, discuss the Bible, and pray for each other. We will be working through the Experiencing...

Cornerstone Experiencing God Study
Starts in 14 days
Tile dj party new1.0

Come join EvolVR and friends for a virus free dance party!!!

EvolVR Saturday Night Party!
Starts in 14 days
Tile dodgeball

Can you throw a ball? Can you throw a ball WHILE avoiding being hit by one (or three...) simultaneously? Ahh, dodgeball. Everyone's most beloved nightmare from school days gone...

Dodgeball Royale with Eaglelord
Starts in 14 days
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Droppin' Jewelz Radio is an American virtual reality radio show, produced and hosted by Jewelznyc (Renée Alston) in AltSpaceVR every Saturday at 9 PM EST. Focused on Black...

Droppin' Jewelz Radio Show
Starts in 14 days
Tile asftrnew

Welcome to the Failed To Render All Star Showcase! This is the show to end all shows, in real life this show is easily a $30 ticket, we take the best of the best and give the...

+18 Failed To Render Comedy Club
Starts in 14 days
Tile ufc after party

After Watching The Fight Come Chill With Your host oompa loompa listen to some great tunes and hang out talk about fight

Fight Night After Party
Starts in 14 days